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Our Story

Westminster, Inc. was founded in England in 1971, named after the illustrious city of Westminster. In 1973, we jumped across the pond to Atlanta, GA, where our corporate headquarters is today. As a global-minded company, we have additional teams in Hong Kong and Vietnam.


Westminster’s approach is to find the best opportunities to bring the greatest value to our customers. Our founders embodied this philosophy, building a company with a wide breadth of expertise from electronic goods, housewares, and home furnishings to toys and gifts. There's no limit to what we can deliver.

Our Domestic and International sales and product team has 100 years of experience. Westminster’s capabilities cover all retailer channels, from Mass Merchant to eCommerce. We delivered $50MM in product to the customer annually in 2019.

We will continue to build on Westminster’s strong foundation and remain true to the core values that have guided our 50 years of business.

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